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More of an Old Style Gothic Romance

Better Homes and Hauntings - Molly Harper

Got to admit, I picked this up to read solely because of my love of everything Molly Harper. Boy was I surprised and disappointed to find instead 

of the laugh out loud snarky humor that I was accustomed to from her Jane Jameson series to find instead a gothic murder mystery that reminded me so much of the type of books that I read in the 60’s and 70’s from authors like Victoria Holt and Phyllis Whitney that it kind of amazed me. Did you know that there is a Facebook account that has pictures of these old novels?  www.facebook.com/GothicRomancePaperbackNovels

Really, you should check it out if you read gothic romance back when.

I have to admit it was a well written ghost story with just the right amount of twisty  happenings to keep me reading to the end. Still can’t believe I read the whole thing so yea it did keep me hooked but it so was not what I expected. This definitely should have been published under a different nom de plume. That said --if you loved those type of books, you should read this one. But if you want the fabulous Molly Harper that has you laughing long after you put the book down, give this one a pass .

Source: http://lisaslovesbooksofcourse.blogspot.com/2014/08/review-of-better-homes-and-hauntings-by.html