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"Sex in a Chevy on the Fourth of July. God bless America!"

Flirting with Fire - Kate Meader
"It didn't get much more patriotic than
Can't move, she finally gasped out. Orgasm paralysis"

 OMG! Boy does Meader have a way with words. I'd give this book 6 stars it was so freaking awesome. I laughed out loud so often at Kinsey and Luke, I know my husband was seriously wondering if I was going around the bend. These two were some of the best NA characters I've had the opportunity to meet in awhile. Not only are they three dimensional, but Meader took the time and pages to do this with several of the secondary characters, which made this nearly 400 pages of sizzling hot guys. I mean they were scorching!
This was the first Meader book I've read but it certainly won't be the last. While the sex is hot, the story-line focuses on the family. Because they were foster kids, they are really serious when it comes to taking care of each other and having each other's back back. I can't wait to read the books on the rest of the boys and the only girl, feisty Alex, gets the next one. I really hope we don't have to wait too long for Gage's story. OMG! my mouth is watering just thinking about him and Brady (I so hope that romance gets its own book).

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